A share is an investment instrument issued by joint-stock companies. It represents its owner’s stake in the company’s capital, grants the right to participate in management through shareholder rights (including voting at shareholder meetings), and entitles the owner to dividends – a portion of the company’s profit distributed at the discretion of its management. Shares of public joint-stock companies (public companies), whose circulation is not restricted by the charter, are permitted to be traded on the stock exchange.

A diverse array of shares from Kyrgyz Republic companies are listed on our Exchange. Historically, the shares segment was dominated by privatized sector enterprises, but their proportion of the total capitalization is steadily declining as traditional sector leaders are superseded by enterprises of the new economy.

Besides joint-stock companies with established businesses and assets, our exchange also allows the listing of companies whose assets consist solely of cash. These issuers aim to accumulate capital for future strategic asset acquisitions. Globally, such companies are known as SPACs (special purpose acquisition companies). The listing of these companies on our exchange is possible in any category, based on the size of the issuer’s equity capital.