Listing Benefits

Listing on the Stock Exchange of Kyrgyzstan – BTS offers issuers a number of clear advantages.

Attracting a broader investor base. Many investment companies participate in trading on the exchange, including those representing the interests of large Kyrgyz and foreign investors – banks, investment funds, family capital management funds, etc. It’s crucial for these entities to be able to conduct their acquisitions on the open market at current market rates. Many institutional investors are often required to carry out transactions on an exchange due to regulatory stipulations. Hence, listing on the stock exchange can introduce additional buyers for your securities.

Enhanced investment appeal. Typically, investors place greater trust in companies that, by listing on the stock exchange, exhibit transparency in their financial results and major business activities.

Reduction in tax liabilities. As per the Tax Code of the Kyrgyz Republic, paragraph 33 of Art. 167 and paragraph 9 of Art. 189 of the Tax Code, there are provisions for exemptions from personal income tax and corporate income tax arising from the sale of shares listed on the stock exchange.