How to Get a Listing

To obtain an exchange listing for your previously issued securities (including a secondary listing), you should reach out to us with a request identifying the issuer and outlining the key parameters of the issue. We will assist you in determining the appropriate category for your securities according to the Listing Rules.

Subsequently, the issuer is expected to:

  • Commit to disclosing pertinent information to the exchange and provide past period reports for publication on the exchange’s website.
  • Submit necessary documents for review by the Listing Committee.
  • Compensate the listing fee according to the exchange’s rate.
  • Facilitate collaboration between the registrar and/or the primary depository of your securities with the exchange’s depository (incorporate the security into the exchange’s depository and clearing services system).

If you’re considering issuing securities and need to ascertain whether they require an exchange listing, feel free to consult us.

To design and integrate futures contracts and foreign securities into the exchange’s trading system, we advise contacting one of the legal consultants affiliated with the exchange.