How to open a depository account

Residents and non-residents of the Kyrgyz Republic, both legal entities and individuals, can open a depository account with the Stock Exchange of Kyrgyzstan’s depository.

To open a depository account, there’s no need to immediately transfer any securities into our custody.

Obtaining the status of a trading participant on our exchange (for professional participants in the securities market) or establishing relations with one of our brokers accredited by us is not a condition for opening a depository account.

The depository account consists of two sections – one for keeping securities and the other for cash. Accordingly, both cash (in the major currencies the depository supports) and securities can be deposited into this account. However, securities can only be transferred if our depository maintains a connection with the registrar of those securities. (A list of cooperating registrars is available with the exchange). If such a connection doesn’t exist, we can set it up swiftly upon your request.

Please note that we have established inter-depository relations with the Central Depository CJSC, which services operations on the Kyrgyz Stock Exchange, to facilitate transactions with securities on both trading floors.

When opening a depositary account, an agreement on depositary services is to be concluded.

The depositor is required to provide a standard set of documents (ask for an up-to-date list from your contact on the exchange). Documents of non-residents must be submitted with legalization, apostille or be notarized in a country party to the 1993 Minsk Convention.