Currency Instruments

The Stock Exchange of Kyrgyzstan – BTS provides foreign trade businesses, private investors, and traders with a comprehensive range of financial instruments, where currencies serve as the underlying assets.

While spot currency transactions in Kyrgyzstan are primarily the domain of banks and exchange services, investors can execute their trading and hedging strategies in relation to currency rates through stock market instruments, such as options, futures, swaps, and other types of futures contracts.

Carefully chosen currency derivative instruments can mitigate the risk of unfavorable fluctuations in its exchange rate against the base currency. Notable investors in these hedging instruments include banks, businesses engaged in substantial volumes of foreign currency sales or purchases, and investment portfolio managers dealing with instruments in multiple currencies.

After registration, you can create your own futures contract and submit it to our exchange’s trading platform. Once the contract and its settlement scheme are approved, the exchange will independently notify the stock market regulator about the contract’s format, as required by law.