Sharia Council

To expertly manage securities and other investment instruments adhering to Islamic financing principles, a Sharia Council has been established at the exchange.

Members of the Council are:

Kokoev Akzhigit, Chairman of the Council

  • Attended International Islamic University “Jamia Darul Ulyum”, specializing in Dars Nizami (Master’s degree in Arabic and Sharia) with “Siha Sitta” accreditation, Karachi, Pakistan (2007-2014).
  • Pursued his studies in International Islamic University “Jamia Darul Ulyum”, focusing on Takhasus fil ifta (Fatwa issuance, mufti), Karachi, Pakistan. His dissertation was on “Islamic banking and finance” (2014-2016).
  • Studied at Kyrgyz-Uzbek University in the faculty of jurisprudence, specializing as a jurist (2017-2020).
  • Possesses experience in Shariah Councils of various financial institutions, including in a chairman capacity.

Junusbayeva Cholpon

  • Earned her higher education from Eastern University, Mahmud Kashgari-Barskani, graduating with honors in finance and credit with a qualification as an economist (2004-2009).
  • Completed postgraduate studies at the Institute of Economics, under acad. J. Alyshbaev of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic. She achieved her academic degree as a candidate of economic sciences focusing on economics and management of the national economy (2015-2019).
  • Serves as an Associate Professor at Kuwait International University.
  • Authored various articles and scientific research in the realm of Islamic finance.

Sultanova Baktygul

  • Attended American University of Central Asia, majoring in business and management (2017).
  • Holds a qualification certificate specializing in the organization of trading in the securities market (2020).
  • Secured a qualification certificate in depository activities in the securities market (2019).
  • Received training on Islamic Principles of Finance from the International Association for Partner Economics and Finance, focusing on the topic: “Prospects for the development of the securities market for sukuk and takaful (Islamic insurance) in Kyrgyzstan” (2021).