About the Exchange

The Stock Exchange of Kyrgyzstan – BTS is an organized investment market for government, municipal and corporate securities, derivative financial instruments and commodities. The exchange was established in 1999 and has consistently maintained a leading position in the stock market of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Our mission is to develop the stock market of Kyrgyzstan by creating favorable conditions for trading in financial instruments, as well to mobilize domestic investment potential for financing local and international projects through the stock market.

The Exchange serves as the interaction venue between investors and exchange brokers. We encourage domestic and foreign businesses to use the Exchange as a platform to raise financial resources for the development and expansion of their business.

Our history


A group of broker-dealers established CJSC Exchange Trading System. It became the second stock exchange in Kyrgyzstan after the dissolution of the USSR and was created without foreign involvement, relying solely on the efforts of local stock market operators.


Trading volume amounts to 4.55 million soms, 286 transactions with corporate securities are registered.


On the exchange, the volume of transactions amounts to 8.55 million soms, the number of registered transactions is 1122.


3,648 transactions with corporate shares and bonds are registered for a total of 444.29 million soms.


3,474 transactions with corporate securities are registered with a total volume of 275.316 million soms.


The trading volume amounts to 110.38 million soms, the number of registered transactions is 2,284.


The volume of transactions amounts to 91.983 million soms, 2,581 transactions with securities are registered.


2,837 transactions are registered with a total volume of 166.67 million soms.


The volume of transactions amounts to 589.645 million soms, 5,014 transactions were registered.


The trading volume amounts to 483.149 million soms, 4,131 transactions with corporate securities are registered.

Since 2009, FBK-BTS CJSC has been listing securities of public joint stock companies in Kyrgyzstan. 8 companies of the Kyrgyz Republic passed the listing procedure on the stock exchange.


In 2010, 810 transactions are registered with a total volume of 572.48 million soms. Since 2010, FBK-BTS CJSC has also been disclosing information of open joint-stock companies, in particular, financial statements and material facts. To date, public companies disclose their financial statements on the website of the exchange (www.bts.kg).


CJSC “Stock Exchange of Kyrgyzstan-BTS” and CJSC “Kyrgyz Stock Exchange” concluded on March 05, 2011 an Agreement on the consolidation of trading in securities on a single stock exchange. In this regard, trades in securities were held on the trading floor of the single exchange.


From 2011 to 2022, due to the suspension of trading in securities, FBK-BTS CJSC carried out only depository activities.


The services of the depository of CJSC FBK-BTS are used by both legal entities and individuals. From 2017 to 2021, 19 custody service agreements are concluded. Of these, 12 legal entities and 7 individuals became depositors.


From September 2017 to December 2020, interdepository relations are maintained with the Russian Investment Company Zerich Capital Management. Zerich Capital Management kept securities in the depository in the amount of 440.511 million soms.


In December 2019, FBK-BTS CJSC takes part in the tender for the selection of a depository to conclude an agreement for the provision of depository services with OJSC NPF Dordoi Garant.


At the end of 2021, 29,389,945 securities of domestic companies for a total amount of 254.412 million soms are kept in the depository of FBK-BTS CJSC.

Also, inter-depository relations are carried out with CJSC Central Depository. In 2021, 208 securities transactions are carried out on interdepository transfers of securities.


Since July 2022, trading in securities on our exchange has resumed.

In August 2022, we enter into an inter-depository agreement with the depository OJSC Envoice Vision Digital Exchange to service securities, facilitating exchange transactions and securities custody.

At the end of 2022, 52 transactions are registered on the exchange, the volume of trading in securities amounts to 3 billion 71 million 996 thousand soms with the number of securities – 28,192,013 pieces. 27,629,332 securities of domestic companies for the total amount of 147,196,322.87 soms are kept in the depository of FBK-BTS CJSC. Also in 2022, registrars execute 279 securities deposits and 149 write-offs from the depository to the registry.

Our values


People as the Foundation of All Values

Empowering people to create competitive advantages and generate value for their company represents the ultimate level of trust, grounded in confidence in their professionalism and dedication to their companies.


Innovation and Growth

We encourage bold decision-making and innovative proposals as opportunities for growth and self-improvement. Our pursuit of collective and professional growth is the driving force behind our efforts.


Business Reputation

Our business reputation and the trust we earn from customers, partners, and society are our highest priorities. We value our reputation, prioritizing openness, honesty, and reliability above all.


Pursuit of Success

Leadership and success define our ethos and aspirations. We are a team imbued with the spirit of leadership and a relentless drive towards professional success.



We uphold accountability towards our colleagues, partners, and society. Responsibility is the daily standard for our work.

Exchange Benefits

1. Remote service

CJSC “FBK-BTS” utilizes an electronic trading platform, aiming to facilitate all exchange transactions remotely through the internet. The exchange is committed to incorporating cutting-edge digital technologies in the buying/selling process of securities, while ensuring transaction security and client confidentiality, except when disclosure of this data is required by the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

2. Timely execution

Timely transaction execution is a primary focus of our operations. We are committed to reducing transaction times by leveraging advanced software solutions. Our bidding processes are automated to minimize human intervention. To this end, FBK-BTS CJSC has developed a mobile brokerage app, enabling professional participants to trade online from any location using mobile devices.

3. Cost reduction

CJSC “FBK-BTS” also aims to cut down on transaction costs and decrease broker commissions by integrating exchange and depository services. The exchange holds both the trade organizer and depository licenses.

4. Focus on compliance

CJSC “FBK-BTS” operates in accordance with the regulatory legal acts of the Kyrgyz Republic. Our administration promptly addresses legislative changes by timely updating internal regulations in line with brokers’ and investors’ suggestions.

5. Access to reports for bidders

We are promoting transparency and openness. We require representatives of companies wishing to list their shares on our exchange to practice utmost transparency and openness, and to make their financial statements accessible to the public.

Growth Strategy

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